Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Morning News Will Be the Death of Me

Since husband is on a regular 8-5 office schedule now, we wake up at the same time every morning. Last year while here in Houston for his work, we started watched Morning Joe on MSNBC, and it just stuck. Mostly we watched because it's hilarious. You've got Joe Scarborough, a condescending yet intelligent Republican, and Mika Brzezinski, an ever sighing journalist whose father was the NSA director for Carter.


She's also the reporter who got angry at having to report on Paris Hilton, so she tore the story up on air. Funny, since she looks like an older Paris Hilton. Maybe that's why she was so angry. Anyway, the entire show basically consists of Joe being (usually) below the radar sexist and Mika's ridiculous sighing while people talk, or her looking off of the set and laughing at stuff that's not on topic. They sit at a desk with a group of random journalists MSNBC scrounged up. Joe loves to make fun of Mika, and unfortunately for her, doesn't have to go far out of his way to do it. I don't know why I torture myself with this stuff every day. It's so far from being anything approaching hard news, which is good I guess, since who needs hard news at 7am? But still, I cannot help but cringe when Mika asks questions that the guest just answered, or starts conversations with others at the desk while other people are still talking. Maybe she doesn't realize this is a news show and not a morning at a non videoed office. I'm on to you Joe, I'm sure it's no accident that for your more left leaning co host, you chose (I assume you chose?) a woman with the attention span of a teenager.

So what do you watch in the morning? Morning Joe, Robin Meade on HLN, Fox and Friends, or do you skip the news altogether and watch Saved by the Bell?


Bill said...


GrapeSeed said...

I REFUSE to watch GMA after I saw this!:

The way he acted was discusting after we had been hit with so many tonados!

KimbraJoy said...

GMA - as in Good Morning Acadiana. Leave for work before Good Morning America comes on...