Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hipsters in Space


I've discovered a new show on a television channel called Current, the channel that Al Gore started. Admittedly, there are some interesting shows, documentaries and such, like one called That's Gay, a sarcastic look at homosexuality in media and pop culture. One of my favorites is a cartoon though, called Hipsters In Space. Don't know what a hipster is? Here's a definition (an abridged one, so that you don't fall asleep) from Urban Dictionary:

hipster: member of the hipster/indie subculture. secretly, a hipster's main goal is to be superior. denies the fact that he/she is pretentious while looking down upon the less hip person who suggests the fact.

the arts: fashion, music, literature, fine art. said things are more hip if they are foreign. when discussing music, must claim to prefer oldest album to show that the discovery of musician was not recent. favorite writers include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jack Kerouac, Jean Paul Sartre. wants to major in art or philosophy, then travel the world.

academia: politics, history, current affairs, pop culture. must heavily mock conservative Republican politicians. criticizes historical events and mistakes while discussing and criticizing current national and world affairs. makes approximately ten obscure pop culture references per minute. virtually a human-wikipedia.

pastime: attends shows, creates abstract art, discusses foreign policies, quietly drinks coffee at Starbucks while reading Animal Farm and listening to A Tribe Called Quest with large headphones. often brings along Macbook to update Flickr with warm-green-tinted photos of friends standing in wheat fields. carries cheap wine around at parties and drinks straight out of the bottle.

Hipsters in Space take the people described above and put them in a space ship, where they deal with crazy situations, like meeting Bin Laden.

It's hilarious and rude. When I was 20 I used to go to the bar and read Lolita by Nabakov. Why? To look cool and for attention, bottom line. I actually DO like the older albums by Modest Mouse, a band many would (in my opinion, wrongly) call "hipster". I do like to discuss politics and criticize or praise actions by our government. I do have a Flickr account and like editing photos. I do like strange movies directed by Wes Anderson. But does that make me one of them? I also live in Houston, a very non hipster city. One of my favorite groups is Hall and Oats. I love hanging out with my family. I don't like making people feel like shit when they voice their opinions. Not sure what I'm trying to say really. I guess that I wish people didn't take themselves so seriously. Myself included I guess.



fowler said...

Hilarious! I've never seen that channel or that show, but the definition of a hipster is so funny! A few people immediately popped into my head.

Thanks for sharing!


Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Check it out on youtube, there are lots more episodes, absolutely hilarious!! Thanks for checking out my blog :)