Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally, we're here!

Husband wearing my crazy cowboy hat, and me exhausted.

So, husband and kitties and I have been in Houston for just over a week now. Moving is an insane hassle, but we were fortunate to have packers and movers (thanks to husband's relocation package), so that definitely took some stress off. Cleaning the house we were in did not though. We have way too much stuff. Way too much. When I hear about people moving over and over and over again, I can't imagine how they do it. I've got tons of old papers and books and binders of crap I just can't seem to part with. But, all of that is behind us and we're enjoying our new house. The neighborhood is way different than our last. There are a few kids, something we never saw on our street in the Saint Streets, and an ice cream man passes through every evening around 7pm, playing the most sinister sounding tune. Last Thursday my friend Liz, who also lives in Houston, but 40 minutes away, came over for wine and pizza. So nice to see a familiar face! She's going to be my life line of sanity out here, not sure if she realizes that or not lol. My parents came out here for Memorial Day weekend, which was really nice. Not sure when they'll be able to get back out here, or us to Louisiana. It's strange not being able to call my mom and suggest they come over. A lot is strange. This weekend we're going to go out and do some exploring. I hope this starts to feel like home soon.


KimbraJoy said...

Heather, as you know we moved and moved and moved...stuff was thrown away and new stuff was acquired with every move. Adjustments were sometimes difficult...some easier than others. But at the end of the day, our horizons were broadened and our knowledge of another little corner of the world opened up for us. I always told the kids to think of it as an adventure...and we did. You'll get used to your new place...and it's already home, whether you realize it or not, because you and Ian are together. That's what home is...enjoy your new city and maybe one day, I'll make it over there to visit you!

Love you,
Aunt Kim