Friday, May 21, 2010

Political Fail: The Rand Paul edition

Recently Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul said on Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC that he did not agree with the fact that the government can tell business owners that they cannot discriminate against people based on race. Sometimes, it's absolutely laughable when politicians commit political suicide. Here's a guy his supporters call "The Tea Party" candidate, a guy who won his primary just that day, completely fuck himself. I don't know if this will cost him the election. Maybe his supporters agree with him. One of our very great, and most important rights as Americans is the freedom of speech. Short of slander or inciting danger, you can say or write whatever you like. So why is it, when one brings up what Rand Paul said, and follows it with "wow, this guy is a douchebag", supporters of his get angry and scream "he's got the right to free speech!" Well of course he does. No one is saying that he doesn't. I'm just saying that the guy is an idiot. Free speech does not mean you have the right to say whatever you want, and also not be judged for it or face consequences for it. This sounds like an extremely simple concept, but you have no idea how many people I come across in who just cannot comprehend this. I had no opinion of Rand Paul before a couple of days ago, now I assume that not only is he prejudiced for not agreeing with a huge part of the Civil Rights Act (though last night he tried desperately to back track in an interview with Wolf on CNN, saying that he WOULD have voted for it. Right. Ok.), but that he's also a moron with a terrible case of "foot in mouth" disease. With freedom comes great responsibility and risk. Being a politician comes with even more. The tiniest slip of abhor-able behavior can cost you your reputation, and you have no one to blame but yourself Rand Paul. But hey, your dad is Ron Paul, no one assumed anything but insanity from you anyway.

OH, and bonus? He now claims that Barack Obama is criticizing BP too harshly about the oil spill. Is this guy running for Tool Of The Year or a congressional seat? I guess there isn't a real difference sometimes.


Roxanne Dubier said...

Sorry if I sound racist, but Tea Party=Racist in my book. As a matter of fact, it would be the title of my book. Tea Party Racists: The Story of Real Americans Trying to Take Back the Country from all Those Brown People. Introduction written by Sarah Palin....on her hand.

mero said...

Actually, what he said is political gold for the people that support him. The Tea Party is overwhelming older, white, and male, and they feel like the government discriminates against them with programs that benefit women and minorities. It undercuts everything they do. So, if anything, this wackado is just representing his people and little more.