Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Constantly catching up

Lots going on recently. Ian's aunt, his mom's sister, passed away Tuesday before last. It was out of no where, which is always harder on everyone. I didn't know her very well, but everyone has only good things to say about her. It was a very hard time for everyone, but I think all are at peace now. Death is never an easy thing to deal with, or even explain, but faith heals all, especially the grieving. I hope she knows just how much she is loved and missed.

On the other side of our life spectrum, Husband and I went to Houston last week and found a house.

High ceilings, 3be/2ba, fireplace, dishwasher, $5 less a month in rent than we pay now for a smaller house without those things? YES PLEASE.

A HUGE load off of our backs, considering we're moving in just over a week. We had a fantastic real estate agent who was super helpful, Judy Hudson. She went above and beyond to help us find a place we really like. Plus, when we buy a home in a year, it's very comforting to know we have already met an agent who is very competent and super friendly. So that's the good. The bad? Getting everything from here to there. There's so much to do, and I'm beyond stressed out. We have movers, thank God, who will pack and move everything, so I should be more relaxed, but I'm not. We've got so much stuff, and so much of it is crap that I've bought on random Dollar Tree trips. That store is evil. I have a bad habit of going in and thinking, "man, I'm going to spend 10 bucks and get 10 things", then the crap I buy is just that, crap. Plastic rainbow thing to hang from a tree? Got it. Box of 20 glow stick bracelets? Got em. Random things to hang on the door? Random little Halloween figurines? GOT EM. Such a huge waste. I'm not going there again unless it's for something like windex.

What store do you waste good money in?