Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogging without makeup? Why?

So today is supposed to be"Bloggers Without Make Up Day". We're supposed to take off our makeup, aka "the wall". Yesterday I saw Hoda and Kathy Lee (from The Today Show maybe? I don't know, once of those morning shows where all news is second tier to who was kicked off of American Idol last night), and they had decided to take the challenge and show up on camera with their faces nude. Honestly? Not that big a deal. They barely looked different. Hoda looked tired and Kathy Lee's face looked stretched. But my question is, why are we doing this? Who cares if women wear makeup or don't? I don't wear it to impress some man or other women. I like wearing makeup because it makes me feel pretty. The same reason I grow my hair out or paint my toe nails. This kind of thing is why men have more power than women, because this is the stuff women are concerned about other women doing. For men, being men always comes first, they have that true bond. For women? We may be closer to specific women in our lives than men are with other men in theirs, but we also like to tear down women and judge them for silly things like wearing makeup or staying home with their kids or wanting to get married (or not!).

Why do women do this? Inherent need for drama/conflict? Hormones? Who knows.


KimbraJoy said...

Hmmmm....I used to never leave the house without makeup on and every hair in place...but the older I get, the less I care about that. Most important of all are relationships...and the people who love you could care less whether you are wearing makeup or not!

Nicole said...

I rarely wear make up. I do on special occasions to feel extra pretty otherwise its just too much of a hassle!

Roxanne Dubier said...

I love make-up, too, Heather. One thing for sure, is that when I moved to western New York I was shocked at how many ladies do not wear make-up. Not just at Walmart, but at work, too. Some of my friends here do wear it and some don't. Personally, I always have on at least some colored lipgloss and mascara. As my friend said, "If the old barn needs painting, get to it!"