Thursday, April 29, 2010

"I've looked at life, from both sides now, from win and lose"

So things are getting bad. Instead of taking care of this oil spill in the Gulf last week, when it could have been done quickly and safely, here it is, over a week later, and the oil is very close to reaching the Louisiana coast. I don't want to blame specific entity or company, since I really don't know who's responsibility it is, but regardless, this is ridiculous. THIS is just another reason why so many people hate Big Oil, and Big Oil doesn't seem very concerned with that.

There are two groups of people, and I'm not sure which I hate more. There are the "DRILL BABY DRILL" people, who think under every square foot of land/water, there are trillions of barrels of oil to be found, if only those dagnabit "enviro nuts" would get over themselves and let us get to it, the way Jesus in heaven wants us to. Then there are the "STOP ALL DRILLING RIGHT NOW" people, who want all drilling to cease immediately, despite the fact that there isn't a viable alternative energy source that can be implemented immediately, or at all in some cases (mass amounts of plastic anyone?). Both groups of people see things only in black and white, and for the life of me, I cannot understand that. We all know that oil will not be around forever, so it's important that we find alternatives NOW, and not later. But when those alternative forms of energy are available, it's important to USE them. Why are so many of the people I hear screaming "STOP ALL DRILLING" not riding a bike as their main form of transportation, or at least buying hybrid cars? Why are the people screaming "DRILL BABY DRILL" not offering their own backyards? I try so hard not to judge the people in my life that are on both sides, but it's difficult not to scream at them to take a look at things from both angles. So I ignore them and curse the creators of Face Book and twitter.

Discussion: How do you deal with people of differing political opinions (something that is such a hot bed for debate) when those people are close friends or family?


Anonymous said...

You start watching American Idol!


Anonymous said...

I disowned my family because I could no longer tolerate being around them. :)

Morgan said...

I come from the pro-animals/environment side of the argument. People who are unwilling to change anything in order for us to be less dependent on oil is our main problem. I use all green cleaning supplies, try to buy as much as I can in glass instead of plastic, I recycle etc. The people who don't care about drilling or not drilling, who refuse to recycle, who continue to consume like there is no tomorrow are the main source of the problem and why we are unable to stop drilling for oil. They fear change and progress.

RiotMama said...

The double-edged sword! You have touched on a very real and very tangible issue right now. We are Pacific Northwest Libs and my manimal is a deep-sea diver in the Gulf. I find it really hard to place a foot firmly on either side of the line here. Somewhere, there has to be a compromise!
My manimal was supposed to be diving below the platform that exploded that evening. And now, the oil slick is 90 miles from our beach in Florida. I think that this spill is enough to open the eyes of the oil-gluttons as well as getting action out of anti-oil whiners. And hopefully, out off all of the chaos, a new sense of perspective will emerge.
Well written blog-- I will keep an eye out for your new posts!

Bekah said...

i try to ignore it...i mean if it comes i certainly speak my mind, but i dont bring up topics i know will start stuff. i know i have no right to tell peopple how to live their lives. HOWEVER, if it is offensive to me, i ask them not to speak like that around me. ex. my in laws used to be very outspokenly gross about homosexuals. i have a gay uncle, clearly i let them know in no uncertain terms that i would not tolerate talk like that inmy presence.

its one thing to disagree, its another thing to be offensive

Anonymous said...

Great page! I just love them anyway, and remember that they are entitled to their own opinions - being thankful that they have one of their own! (An optimist, I am sure eventually they'll see things my way....)
With the devastating effect oil has on oceans, and all the new drilling areas opened up, have they (the gov't and the oil industry) dramatically increased R&D funds for cleanup? :-) Leslee