Monday, April 19, 2010

"The days get longer and the nights smell green..."

It's amazing how people become people you do not expect. I was looking at a friend's facebook pictures the other day, and I'm shocked by how different this person is from who I thought they would become. Not a bad shocked, not at all, but shocked none the less. They say we are at 8 who we are at 80, but is that really true? Or are we who we are, but it's not the person others see? I'm being cryptic and introspective and all those other words. I tend to get like this after being home alone for nearly two weeks. That's when Modest Mouse becomes the only music I listen to, and I cry at stupid movie trailers that I wouldn't even dare to list here. It's something about spring too, too hard to explain I guess.

But, the end is near. Husband comes home this Thursday, and *crossing my fingers* this job will be done with very quickly and we can get a move on. Literally. But before that is Festival International this weekend, the only thing that Lafayette really does right. Music from around the world, crafts from all over, laying in the grass with friends, wearing sun dresses, one of my most favorite times of year. Then? We head to Alabama to the beach for a few days, just us, no family, for the first time ever. EVER. No bringing sand toys to the beach, no figuring out where everyone sleeps, it's going to be odd and fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, especially my nieces and nephew, but it's going to be so lovely just being with Husband. I might even para sail. Or get a new tattoo. Or chicken out of both. As my mom says, "we'll see".