Thursday, March 11, 2010

Split level ranch?

So I've been looking at houses to rent in the Houston area, for when husband and I go out there for a visit when he comes home. Right now we live in an old neighborhood with old houses, The Saint Streets. I love this neighborhood so much, with the mix of old and young people, retirees and college students, professors and artists. Unfortunately, the area of Houston that we're looking to move to doesn't quite have that scene. Instead of old houses, nearly all are built between 1970-1980, during the oil boom. Lots have half paneled walls, brick fireplaces, glass doors from the master bedrooms to the backyard, culs de sac, things that were a "big deal" at that time. At the time these neighborhoods were built, they probably looked a lot like Uncle Bob's in Urban Cowboy (one of my FAVORITE movies), houses sprouting up so quick, no time for the grass to even grow in the yard before they're bought . It's interesting how industry can determine so much about an area. At first the thought of moving into a split level ranch style house didn't appeal to me, but if I hum the Urban Cowboy soundtrack, it feels very right.


Laurie said...

Got a shout out in the Advertiser. Love you!