Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My two health care cents...

Sorry I've been away for a bit. Life is insane right now. Just got home from a quick trip to Houston, but I need to talk about health care. Not so much about health care, but people's responses. Sometimes I wonder where people get the majority of their political information. Email forwards? Across the fence? I've heard the most insane claims over the last few days, my jaw is literally on the floor (that's what she said). There are people who honestly believe that their taxes will amount to 50% of their take home pay. Fifty Percent. Best part? Several of the people I know who said this have NO JOB. WTF is your concern then? But what gets me the most, what makes my blood boil? People who are Christians, the people that Jesus told to sell everything and give to the poor, are LIVID that everyone should get health care, and that they should help pay for it. If you're not religious, not pro life, and make a lot of dough, go ahead and be mad about this bill. You don't care about poor people anyway, and I can't make you. But you CANNOT claim to be pro life and not support health insurance for every single person. Perhaps you're pro BIRTH, but not pro life. Just like you cannot be pro life and support war. Period. It's the most basic 1+1=2 example. Me? I'm pro choice. Abortion is legal in this nation, as is joining the military. I don't like abortion and I don't like war, but I'm not fighting people's choices. People don't choose to get sick.

All of this has made Facebook as absolute horror. I needed a reason to delete people that I don't associate with on a normal basis anyway, so ignorant statuses is helping to serve that purpose.

EDIT 4/9/10: I was laying in bed, thinking about this post, and I realized just how harsh I was. It's not fair to bring religion into this (even though the right does all the time). It's not fair to say that because someone doesn't practice every single thing their faith tells them to, that they are a bad person. God knows I don't. I'm just frustrated I suppose. I don't like feeling angry, especially not after winning :)

Also, I've stopped eating meat as a way to keep myself from fast food restaurants, so I'm really cranky. I rarely eat hamburgers, so why do they look so GOOD now?!


Roxanne Dubier said...
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Roxanne Dubier said...

Great post! Unless people are willing to turn away dying folks from an emergency room when they don't have a handful of cash, then they CANNOT be against health care for all. Either KILL the poor sick people or allow them health care. And, what people forget is that in a civilized society(maybe that's my mistaken belief!), health care is a PUBLIC health issue. When epidemics occur because of poor health care, we ALL suffer. Ok, that was my 2 cents, btw my blog made 2 cents! I think I have to put in my 2 cents about my 2 cents!