Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I hate Mardi Gras. There, I said it. I hate the parades, I hate the traffic that's caused by all the barricades. I hate the beads and the constant flow of alcohol. Don't get me wrong, I like to drink as much as the next Louisianan, but I hate feeling obligated to do so. The only thing that I look forward to are King Cakes (check the archives for an explanation). Husband was offshore for the holiday this year, which is just as well, as he feels the same way I do about it all. I guess maybe if I had kids it would be different, but probably not. Too many years of getting up insanely early to come to Lafayette and stand outside ALL DAY to watch parades has just put me out of the spirit.

So today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. Here's when ALL the Catholics (of which I am one) start claiming that meat is BAD and eating seafood is a SACRIFICE. No. If you live here, where shrimp and crawfish and crabs and catfish are abundant, it is not a sacrifice. Let's be honest, what tastes better, a hamburger or a shrimp poboy? Spaghetti and meatballs or crawfish etoufee (crawfish in a tomato sauce with onions, bell peppers, spices, on rice. It's amazing.)? God is on your little game people. Especially you, crawfish farmers, whose prices will inexplicably JUMP today for the next 40 days.

Unfortunately, husband was not home for Valentine's Day either, and for some reason, this year it really bothered me. I guess because when he comes home next week, I will have seen him a total of 14 days this YEAR. But soon, all of that will change! :) Sorry for the crypticness (definitely not a word), more details to come soon!


Just Being Me said...

Mine was here half of Mardi Gras - we do Mardi Gras, I do think it has to do with having a kid too! lol He left at 5:30 am the morning of Valentine's Day with 4 hours notice - left me in a mood for the rest of the day! :o(

Hang in there girl!

'Ailina said...

Hmmmm.... :) Secrets, secrets! Wondering how your life will change???

I can't say I hate Mardi Gras, because a part of me does enjoy the hype, the colors, hearing everyone talking about it. But we never celebrate it for many of the same reasons you mention here. I think for me, it's the chaos that goes hand-in-hand with the fun. The chaos outweighs the fun thereby canceling it out.

But King Cake? :) You can enjoy that in the comfort of your own quiet and peaceful home!