Friday, January 15, 2010

Natural disasters bring out the best and the worst in people

By now, everyone knows about the earthquake in Haiti, and I'm sure most know about Pat Robertson's insane claim that God smites Haiti because 250 years ago they supposedly made a deal with the devil and the devil said, (this is Pat Robertson quoting the devil), "ok, it's a deal." Yikes. Then there is Rush Limbaugh, spouting his not surprising nonsense, saying that we shouldn't donate to the relief effort in Haiti because we already do, through US income tax! But from these people, I expect nothing better. Pat Robertson's main schtick is blaming people for the natural disasters that happen to them, and Rush Limbaugh's is angering people so that they have heart attacks while driving and listening to talk radio. I can admit it, I used to be one of those people, until I realized that sports radio is actually calming.

But what does surprise me? The anger I see from people in the blogging world and on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace in regards to being "guilted" into donating. I've seen a lot of friends posting status updates, suggesting that someone skip the restaurant lunch or extra coffee or another drink at the bar, and donate the money to Red Cross or another organization. Apparently this is making people feel guilty because they'd rather not do this, or they claim, while typing on their fancy laptops in a warm home and with a full stomach, that they just can't afford to. Am I trying to guilt people? YES. ABSOLUTELY. There are people dying, I don't give a flip about hurting random people's feelings. So sorry that they can't handle someone thinking they are cheap. I realize that it seems people are always asking for donations for different charities. It can be overwhelming, and no one can give to all of them. But to use that as a justification for being annoyed that someone suggest you give something up? That's childish and ridiculous.

Now, as I sit back and wait for the hate that will prove my point, I'm going to make some tea and have a victory sip.


Nicole said...

This is your blog and you are intitled to your own opinion. There is no need for me to justify myself, or bash what you've said just because we dont agree. Enjoy your tea lady ;)

bex said...


Heh'. Just wondering what it would be like to hate on someone for a minute there. :)