Friday, December 11, 2009

What happened to the gates to hell?

I'm a little obsessed with Christmas lights. Pretty much every night during this season I force my sweet Husband to drive around, hoping to find that ONE perfectly decorated house. Sort of the same way a surfer looks for a perfect wave. So we've found two really good ones this year. One is decorated with every single yard decoration available at Target and Walmart. I'm talking geese, ginger bread men, Mickey and Minnie, a ferris wheel, a giraffe, a seal. The other house has a ton of lights that are choreographed to a music on a radio station. Now, these houses are great, but I've got disappointing news.

There is another house in another neighborhood, with a bizarre front door. Jet black, with recessed lighting shining down on it, and a single candle lit in a glass case. These people never decorated for any holiday, never a red ribbon or anything, when nearly every other house in the neighborhood went all out. We started calling it The Gates To Hell. But last night, we noticed to wreathes on the black doors. I shouldn't be as disappointed as I am. But this was an inside joke between husband and I that was so important to me! And now it's gone. It's the end of an era.

I will try to take a photo soon, if I can see the screen on my camera through my tears. :)


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