Monday, December 7, 2009

Teddy Roosevelt

I'm so incredibly over Facebook. There are no words to express how tired I am of hearing about people's days and their lives and their plans and every single thought they are having. But how do you go about getting rid of these people on your list? Some you just can't, like family or people involved in an organization you deal with regularly. Some you can, but know it will cause drama, like high school friends. Then there are those people that you're just like, "How do I even know you? I haven't said a single word to you in months".

New Year is on its way, and I'm on my way to purging people from my life that I'm indifferent to. Does this make me a bad person, not giving a f**k about what people are doing? I'd prefer it people didn't care what I was doing.

Earlier today husband and I were laying bed and I asked him if he'd ever thought of another woman naked. Now, of course he has. He's a human being, it would be more strange if he hadn't. So he says yes, and I respond, completely accidentally really, that he looked like Teddy Roosevelt. He really did though, just the hair. Don't think he took offense, but it just sounded so childish. I love hanging out with my husband, he makes everything in life more fun.


lemonseeds said...

Lol'ing at Teddy Roosevelt. You are so funny.

I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I don't mind status updates but I have a hard time understanding why people feel a need to post every.single.thing. Besides, is that even safe? "Getting ready to go to the mall". Oh really? Maybe I'll come rob your house while you're gone! Or stalk you in the parking lot!

My favorites are like "just ate a sandwich". Oh wow, that's awesome. My day was really shaping up to be a giant pile of ass but now that I know you had a sandwich things are looking up!

chris said...

you can just hide people you don't give a damn about. it's great. however if you do that you should never say to them "how come i never see you on facebook anymore? you used to update so often." odds are they still do update that often. though, the new news/live feed gives you an out from that one as well. everyone who posts that much hates the live feed and will simply agree with your cursing it.

Lidian said...

If I ever do join FB it will be to network my blogs, I think...I totally agree with you - and add that I do not want to tell everyone every little thing I do!

Having said that I do like Twitter for some reason but I am not glued onto it all day ;)

Lemonseeds, exactly! you are so funny! lol

Kristan said...

I feel the same way about Facebook sometimes, but it's also a very convenient way to keep in touch with the handful of people that I want to stay connected to with minimal effort.

One way to purge without offending is to just filter your News Feed/Live Feed. You can block people (hover over their most recent News Feed item and a box on the right will appear that says "Hide") and then you don't have to see their updates but you haven't actually severed the connection. I find Facebook *much* less annoying since I blocked all the silly games & surveys people do, plus blocked some of the people that I don't really know/care about.

katsterisk said...


He got SHOT and finished his speech. He's basically the most badass president. He was into eugenics, though, which I'm not crazy about. But you've got to give the man respect. Also, you're hilarious.

Dustin would pee himself with excitement if I told he him looked like Teddy Roosevelt.