Saturday, December 19, 2009

I hate holiday commercials

I have a list I've made on the notepad on my phone of stores I will not shop at because I hate their current holiday/Christmas advertising. No, not because of the wording they use (Christmas vs Holiday). I think the "War on Christmas" is something Headline News makes up every year to fill in boring news days. Last night at a roller derby fundraiser I was telling a friend how I hate the TV ad for a local store called The Orchard, a store that sells Apple products. First of all the name is too clever. That annoys me. And I hate the ad because it looks too professional and just proves that Lafayette is too pretentious. So I'm going on and on about it, and my friend (who works in TV) informs me that he is the one who made it. I felt like a fool! But at least he knows it was good, too good! He's a cool guy who didn't make me feel like a jackass. I'm grateful for that, especially since I was bordering on annoyingly drunk, and that's never fun for anyone.

Another store? The Gap. Every year the Gap has cool ads with celebrities, like last year's Selma Blair/Rainn Wilson spot. It was adorable. This year, the cheerleading esque nonsense? No thank you. Sorry Gap, you and your partner stores will not be seeing any of my money. Also because the stores are too full and all of the clothes are on the floor.

Don't I sound cheery? No, really, I am. As much as I can be. Husband is offshore, and may not be home by Christmas. So I'm putting on the fake smile and trudging through. It could always be worse, right?