Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So much going on. Issues with roller derby, trip to NY coming up, husband going to Brazil for work. How can I express how insanely worried I am about him? Of course he's an adult and he'll be fine, but the idea of him going to a foreign country worries the hell out of me. I worry a lot. A lot lot. About everything. All the time. You know those people who, when something really terrible happens, they say, "I never imagined it could happen to me"? I'll never be one of those people. I always imagine that whatever it is, could happen to me.

As for roller derby, can't really go into the issues here, but something is going to have to change soon for this league to continue. Which is a shame, because Lafayette needs this. I'm working my ass off, I just hope it pays off.

Christmas is coming up, have you started your shopping? I have, but just a tad. Still have the majority of people left to shop for. I'll also be doing some crafting. Personally, I love handmade gifts, and I rarely get them. If someone gave me a basket of home made cookies or a knitted scarf, I'd be thrilled!

I need to pack and sleep.