Thursday, November 19, 2009

So much for that...

So, husband was supposed to leave for Brazil this weekend for work. I wasn't thrilled with this when it first came up, because we haven't had a Thanksgiving together since 2007. But of course, I became ok with it because, well, what other choice did I have? My parents are going to NY to see my sister and her family, and since they were leaving at the same time he was to leave, I was going to go with them. Last year's trip wasn't all I hoped it would be, but I had all intentions of going with a better attitude. Except this morning Husband got the word that he wouldn't be leaving until next weekend. So of course I'm going to stay so that we can have the holiday together, especially since we may not be together for Christmas. Why am I so upset then? I should be happy, right? Well I'm not. I really wanted to go up north. I wanted to see my nieces and nephew. I wanted to go shopping at different stores and watch movies and play Scrabble with my family. Instead I'm going to be here, doing the same exact things I do every day. I was just really excited.

I don't think even a new episode of The Office or the season finale of Project Runway could cheer me up.


Nicole said...

Awwwww. I hate when life does that. But on the bright side you have your hubs! It will be better than you think =D