Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Why is National Novel Writing Month in November? This is one of the busiest months of the year. Even October would be better. Every year I have big dreams about finishing the book I'm writing, and every year I stop around day 10. Why? Because there are a million other things I have to do other than writing. Why not January? That's when people are depressed because they've spent too much money or because all of the fun of the season is gone. I'm being so f**king whiny today, I can barely stand myself. Tomorrow, I promise, I will show up with a better attitude.


Kristan said...

Well, and Jan is when we're all resolving to be better people and accomplish all these goals we'd started and stopped before. Everyone knows you don't really lose steam till Feb. I think Jan WOULD be a good month!

(But then again, we can technically do NaNoWriMo anytime we want... ;P I already tried and failed it once this past Aug. Going for try and fail #2 right now, lol.)