Monday, November 23, 2009

28 and Ornery

The older I get, the more anti social I get. I love silence so much. I don't need to fill up space with constant talking. I like sitting in my office at home, the quiet whir of my sewing machine or embroidery floss pulling through the fabric. I live inside my head so much and I think it's making me a little nuts.

I've had husband home for quite a while now, but with him leaving for Brazil on Saturday, then off shore just a couple of days after he comes home, I need to remember how to socialize. I'm tired of bars and alcohol. I'm tired of loud music that I don't even like. Maybe I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or maybe I'm just turning into an old, ornery old lady 45 years early.


Lidian said...

I am just the same! I was when I was a kid, then I was very sociable from about age 18-31 at which point I reverted to being introverted :)

And 45 isn't old - it better not be, since I just turned 47. Yikes.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Oh no, I don't think 45 is old at all, I was just adding those years onto the 28 I've already got under my belt lol!

Kristan said...

I think 20 is the new 40, lol.