Friday, October 30, 2009

28 years...


When you're an oilfield wife, it's hard to plan anything fun. Husband and I have gotten very accustomed to just saying "Well, if you're/I'm here, you're/I'm here, if not, we'll celebrate (insert holiday,birthday, etc) when I come back." Is it fun? No, but it's the nature of the business. As I've said in a previous post, all I wanted was a Marie Antionette themed birthday party. And it actually happened! And husband was here! As well as other friends who work in the oil industry! It was incredibly lovely. Everyone dressed up fancy, and we had lots of cakes and sweets and champagne. One of the best birthdays ever.

So imagine my surprise when my luck continued and husband was here not only for my actual birthday (the 22nd), not only for my birthday dinner out with my parents, but for our 7 year "dating" anniversary, which is also the 22nd. It's literally been years since he's been home for the actual day. We went to the opening game of our new (but old) local ice hockey team, then came home and ate chocolate covered fruit. Bliss.


Just Being Me said...

I, like you count these same blessings!! Last year Bub was actually home for 3 Holidays in a row....I thought I might die of shock and of happiness!!

Happy belated birthday and anniversary..... :o)

The Bee said...

Happy birthday! From the looks of that table it was a lot of fun.