Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is my purpose?


An early birthday present from Husband. It's a Polaroid printer that instantly prints photos from a camera phone through BlueTooth, or a digi cam, through a USB cord. I've been eying this thing since last Christmas, but couldn't justify $100 bucks for it, especially since it came with only 10 sheets of photo paper. The price has come down through out the year, and Husband has been insisting that I get it, but I refused. Have I mentioned that I'm pretty cheap? Anyway, it was $39 bucks at Sam's Wholesale, including a carrying case and 40 sheets of photo paper. I still refused. He surprised me with it Sunday. :) It's a really neat little tool, and the quality is better than I expected. The best part is that it uses no ink, the paper is a special type that reacts to heat. Plus the paper is sticky backed! Who doesn't love stickers?

Once again, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Houston while Ian is in a class for the week. Good news? We are near the Galleria instead of an hour away, near the airport. Bad news? Still too far to walk anywhere. Ok, it probably isn't, but the older I get, the more terrified I am of going out alone in a city I don't know well. When I was 17 I took a bus to NYC to meet a boy I met on the internet, and I had a blast. Today I'm 27 and nearly stopped breathing on the drive into town because I just knew we were going to get in an accident. When did I become so frightened of everything?

There is other stuff going on in my life that I'm not happy about. Stuff that I can't write about, which really seems to negate the purpose of having a blog about one's life. Constantly I'm having to tell myself that things could be way worse, that I should be happy. Usually I only have to remind myself of this once in a blue moon, now it seems to be several times a day.

What is my purpose?


Nicole said...

That printer thing looks awesome! WTG hubby. =D

Vera said...

What a thoughtful gift, I would love one. haha :)

You will find your purpose soon enough, just keep listening to your heart.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Nicole, it really is! It's addictive, I'm going to use up all the paper in no time lol.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Vera, check out your local Sam's Wholesale if you've got one. It's definitely a neat tool, especially if you scrap book or craft.

My heart says LOCK THE DOORS AND WRITE ALL DAY, but my mind just moves too fast for me to concentrate! lol

Jude said...

Everyone looks for a purpose and a reason for being, I'm still looking and I'm much older than you, maybe the purpose is just to enjoy the living experience and feel emotions since I don't think there's a need for them in the hereafter. I'm starting to think of this as a vacation for a short period of time away from heaven the only problem is I wont be able to take any souvenirs back so I better try and enjoy it all right now.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Jude, that's just about the neatest way I've ever heard Earth described. I love it, thanks for the comment!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

The printer does look awesome. I have never even seen one. The technology of not having to use ink is definitely a plus!!

As for purpose I see to have lost mine lately too.

But, I am putting an end to that as quick as possible. I use to be a very inspirational blog and even humorous!!

But, so much of my time has been wrapped up in doing drops that i got lost somewhere along the way.

I know how you fill about big cities. I feel the same way and my goodness I grew up in Dallas!!

But, now, I am use to living out in the country and I think that made for the change for me.

I grabbed your addie. I think I already have you on my blog roll but I am double checking today!!

I don't want to lose touch when I leave EC!! i hope you will keep in touch with me too!!:-)))

chris said...


purpose...good song (=

and that was a fun trip back in the day.