Friday, September 11, 2009


Thank you everyone for your hair advice! I've decided that I'm just going to let it grow out, that seems to be the consensus from everyone here, and the Husband. I have colored it, a dark brown, closer to my natural shade. It feels so strange not being a red head, but I'm managing lol. I'll post a picture of the color later today.

A couple of ladies mentioned flat ironing. It's not nearly as hard/time consuming as people realize, if you go with a bit more expensive device. They range in price from 20 bucks to 200. The one I'm using right now was $75 (Bed Head brand, got it on sale at Walgreens for 50) and it makes a huge difference compared to the $20 one I had. Right now my hair falls right at my collar bone, and it takes 15-20 minutes max. Just wanted to throw that info out there!

Again, thanks everyone! :)


Dori said...

Thanks for the follow-up. I'm gonna be flat ironing for sure ;-)

Shinade aka Jackie said...

oh i think it is a good decision. I like the shots of you with the darker brown hair.

I also love your new header. Oh my how long has it been up and I have been missing it?

I can't wait to see your pictures!! I hope you have a good night and a great week!!:-))))

P.S. my oldest has to flat iron too!!