Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So there are people in life you have to deal with, or choose to for one reason or another. And you really, really want to like them (and you did!), but then either they change, and you see who they are, and everything they do drives you crazy. A frenemy. How do you deal with this? Write them off? No, that's not fair, because I can't be certain that I'm being completely rational. In fact, I'm sure I'm not, but I just can't help but be incredibly annoyed!!! There are people who like drama, I am not one of those. The older I get, the more I just want to eliminate things/people from my life that make me nuts. It's hard though, I think I'm too nice. Could this be anymore cryptic? Why I made it that way, I don't know, none of these person(s) read my blog.

Long, full packed Labor Day weekend. Friday night we had dinner with Husband's family to celebrate his cousin's birthday, Saturday we cleaned house and played scrabble and had drinks with some friends, Sunday was spent with my parents during the day, evening with friends, and yesterday we were with my in laws. Husband will be leaving soon to go offshore I suspect. Feast or famine is the oilfield. I'm already preparing myself for the holidays, as I don't know which, if any, he'll be home. You can't be a girl married to an oilfield man if you put big pressure on specific dates.

I need a really big, amazingly awesome change in my life.


Kerree said...

I've cut heaps of people out of my life over the years and I've never regretted a single one. It's the most stress relieving thing you can ever do and who wants to spend the rest of your life being stressed out and annoyed?

Wenny said...

As far as my personal experience had been, if we continue to stay among annoying problematic people, we will just turn into one like them and continue to attract many more like them.

If we've done enough and they remain unperturbed, fade away from them bit by bit. They probably wouldn't notice!

She said...

I no longer have 'frenemies.' It got to the point that I could no longer sacrifice my sanity for certain people. And I have to say, letting these people go was a big weight off my shoulders.