Thursday, September 3, 2009

My thanks to the academy...

I won an award from !

Now, when I first started blogging, I didn't really know what all this award business was. Then it occurred to me that to win most of them, you had to do all this stuff and write all this stuff first, THEN they would give it to you. I still don't really get that. But this was just bestowed on me! Nice little treat on an otherwise yuck day :) In the next couple of days I will do the same for my fave blogs out there. So thank you Bee! I love your blog as well, you always crack me up :)


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Congratulations!! I may have told you this before but so please forgive me if I am having a senior moment.

I am adopted and was born in East Texas. But, biological father was from Louisiana.

The name is Stroud and he was an artist. I did get to met him just prior to his death.

So I have some genetic history from your state.

We love it and use to visit there all the time when we still lived in Texas!!

I hope you have a great day!! BTW...I am unlikely Truck Driver's wife!!:-)))

Just Being Me said...

Congrats!! :o)