Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm just a girl who wants a new hair cut...

I'm feeling antsy about lots of things, so maybe a new hair cut will help with that. Below is a bit of time line of hair cuts/colors throughout the last few years, in no certain order. Most are similar actually, but I'd like your opinion on color/cut/whatevs. Keep in mind my hair is actually really, really curly, I just flat iron it. Come on people, I need your help, what looks (or would look) best! Click on any to see a larger version.




I guess I'm a bit of a scenester here. Yikes!






Nicole said...

#4 and #7 Yes I added numbers to them lol =D Good Luck!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I don't remember the numbers. that would require entirely too much brain power for me.

But, I do prefer the medium length with bangs.

I also like the darker brown as opposed to the lighter.

I hope that helps. Sorry it's been so long since I stopped by but we had a family medical crisis and things have been rather difficult this last 5 or 6 days.

Hey I will be down in your neck woods this coming weekend! Well at least close.

We will be in Houston. But, not for fun. We will be at M.D. Anderson visiting my SIL!!

I have missed you and hope you have a great day!!

Tina t said...

I like the second picture from the top. I like the dark color the hair across your forehead, but I would bring it up to just a tiny bit longer than eyebrow level. That my two cents, although I'm having hair issue of my own so I may not be the best source.

Jennifer Becker Landsberger said...

the shade in #5, but the hair style in #7.
Post a pic when you decide!

Duni said...

I think medium-length suits you best - lightly layered.
Wow, you flat-iron your hair? I'm don't have the patience for that :)

One Creative Queen said...

I like the second one from the bottom. It's really cute - and I like it on you. There were a few others I thought were cute as well - but nothing grabbed me as much as the second one from the bottom. :)

BTW: You're pretty brave posting all those online. There is no way I'd post that many of my different styles! lol xx

Dori said...

The layered deeper colored tone looks great on you.

I need to adopt your technique and flat iron my curly hair :) Yours looks great.