Thursday, September 24, 2009



There was a time when I was really into fashion. I loved shopping and clothes and accessories. In elementary school my fashion icon was Claudia of The Baby Sitters Club (the second girl on the book cover above), which led to wearing many hats and leggings. Claudia inspired many a pre teen girl. In junior high I was a complete loser. Early high school I was grunge, jnco jeans and the chain wallet. These days were great, I had no filter, I didn't care what people thought. We bought clothes at Salvation Army and I colored my hair pink with koolaid. Later highschool I was completely boring. Once I turned 18 and started going to the bars, I got really into skirts and boots. And now, all I want to wear is comfort. I wore skirts or dresses or shorts all summer, no pants for nearly 4 months. Lately it's been just shorts and a roller derby shirt or a white sun dress or a gray jersey dress. There's a blog I love, Annie Spandex. She has no qualms about what she wears, and that makes everything work for her. I used to have the guts to go out in really strange things, but now? All I want is to blend in. That's not me though! I was never like that. What changed?

What is your fashion style? Do you keep up with the trends or go for comfort?


52 Faces said...

Ah Louisiana, home of Sookie Stackhouse.

Thanks for dropping by!

I LOVED the BSC (and the Sweet Valley Twins) growing up - I kept up with that series through like 10 super specials. I also eventually met Francine Pascal, who created/wrote for both. Definite idol moment.

I always thought I couldn't pull off Claudia's outfits, although I did dress very weirdly growing up to stand out. I got made fun of all the time by the popular idiots. I liked Stacey's clothes too. I hated Dawn. I thought she was stuck up. lol

Just Being Me said...

I am and have always been not trendy, but basic or "normal" with my own twist! I don't necessarily want to stand out, but I definitely REFUSE to blend in! Does that make sense??

I am someone won't go with the trend and will intentionally do the opposite. In Jr High I set trends and I hated it cause as soon as people started doing things like me, I had to change. Still to this day I hate to be copied!! lol

Vera said...

I used to read The BabySitter's Club too! And Annie Spandex really has a wonderful sense of fashion, I love her blog too :)

Without Dash said...

Gone is the make-up, gone are the brand name clothes, gone are uncomfortable but great looking skirts and tops, gone are the high heels...
Instead, I feel I'm more myself now, an individual who can be described by character rather than looks, a more confident person, but surely not good-looking like 15 years ago.

Shanna said...

I still have a ton of bsc books boxed up. I tell myself if I ever have a daughter I'll pass them down, though if not I have a niece they can go to.

And I think I do remember the kool-aid hair... :)

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Oh my I was in love with boots too. I wore the minis and boots too. Then the thigh highs came into fashion and I was really hooked!!

Oh sweet memories of the days when I was a size 4!! that was ions ago!! I hope you are having a great weekend!!

P.s., my mother's dream for me was that I grow up and become a Kilgorette girl in their marching band.

I don;t think I have one single picture of me under the age of 5 where I do not have on little white marching boots!!:-))))

MegaMan The Madman said...

Interesting coloring hair with Kool-aid??

Never heard of that one..yet I shave my head so...But sounds cool..

Vicki said...

ROFL, so not the post I expected! I got all excited thinking "I LOVED the baby-sitters club series!!!"

Kia said...

I wasn't in love with fashion but I was in love with the BSC. My fav was Kristy. Definitely no fashion there! I never personally tried the Kool Aid hair, my Barbie did though,lol.

She said...

Even though I'm 25, I'm still developing my style. I was never really heavily invested in fashion until about a year ago. I would choose comfort over anything else. Now I've grown bored with that way of thinking, and since we only live once, I want to spruce myself up more.

I keep up with fashion trends, but I don't apply them. It's just good to be 'in the know'.

For a daily dose of fashion inspiration, I check out

Kavita (luvikavi) said...

omg, I remember the baby sitter books, those were my favorite chapter book series growing up.