Friday, September 11, 2009



World Trade Center brochure, circa early 1980's.


Dori said...

That is something else.

Btw, I'd love to have your suggestion that you mentioned on my blog. Thanks.

Roschelle said...

Wow. Somehow this picture really emphasizes just how giant those towers were. I've been to New York a couple of times and the buildings around where the towers were are HUGE. I just can't imagine

Anna said...

I was once on the street looking up at the Twin Towers on a visit to New York to investigate whether this was where I wanted to work. I got the strangest, eeriest feeling that these buildings were just too tall. There was something overwhelming about the place. I decided not to persue a career on Manhattan at all. It was my fear of heights that put me off. From my childhood I remember with fear a trip to the top of The Enpire State Building.
When looking at the Twin Towers I thought to myself that these buildings could get hit by airplanes!
If I can feel such fear there at a time when it was safe, how must have all of those people felt, who were trying to get out on that day?

Well-chosen image for a subject that demands either many or very few words.

Best wishes,
Christina Wigren
(aka Anna of
Anna's Adornments)

askcherlock said...

I cannot think of any more beautiful sentiments than this. You must have a very good and caring spirit. We were all so marked by that horrible day. Thank you for a lovlier perspective.