Saturday, August 1, 2009


I REALLY do not like going downtown on a weekend night. Too many people trying way too hard. It's obnoxious! Am I getting old? Not until I don't want to go at all anymore I suppose. I remember days when I was in school all day, work all evening, go out until 2am after, and do it all over the next day and the next. Now, 3 drinks, and I'm getting way too loud and I know I'll be wondering the next day if I made a fool of myself. Husband is so nice, he always says no, but I know that can't ALWAYS be the case. Tonight we're staying in and he's making me a fantastic meal, with the help of Joey's Deli. I'd like to see friends as well, but somewhere not ridiculously packed. The Wild Salmon perhaps. Also want to see Funny People. Did I mention that Away We Go NEVER came here to Lafayette? I'm still really disappointed about that.

Soon we'll be heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a beach vacation with my sister and bro in law and their family, as well as with my mom and dad. We look forward to this trip every year, especially this one. Dolphin cruise, sunrise on the beach, boiled shrimp, my fabulous nieces and brand new nephew (as well as the rest of my family), I just cannot wait.


Laurie said...

The one thing I miss most about Roanoke is that I used to live half a block from an independent movie theatre-- I'm sure Away We Go is there. *sigh*

Sorry for the crowded downtown-ness! Here's hoping some recruits will stick. And you didn't make a fool of yourself, Girl Scout's Honor.

Duni said...

That beach trip sounds like a lot of fun. I miss living near water...

have a great week,


Stacie's Madness said...

your vacation sounds PERFECT!

Holly said...

Hey Heather, I came across your blog on 20sb.

My boyfriend works offshore 7/7 and sometimes it just sucks!

Have a good vacation!!