Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whoa Roseanne...

Ok, I can admit it, I love the Roseanne show. I'm a big fan of sitcoms in general, but every once in a while I get in a real Roseanne kick and DVR every episode I can find. This inevitably leads to me signing onto IMDB and research every single detail of the show. From there I went to Roseanne's blog, and wow. What can I say? I know she has said that she has multiple personalities, but she should probably get a separate blog for each. Here are some gems that I learned while reading her blog.

1. You are Jewish if you have Jewish siblings.
2. She wants to adopt Michael Jackson's children. She will be their Jewish Granny.
3. Jews and Mormons are a bunch of lemmings who would rather kill and die and war than live justly in peace.
4. Obama is a one term president who was chosen so that the right could blame the blacks for the economic collapse that Reagan caused the USA.
5. Oprah manufactured Obama.
6. She voted for Cynthia McKinney because ONLY WOMEN can bring change.
7. Barbara Walters keeps fascism in place by allowing Elizabeth Hasselbeck to remain on her show. Barbara Walters has a deal with the devil.
8. Bobby Jindal is the spokesman for the Aryan Nation.
9. Israel is a NAZI state.

Oh, and there's more. So much more. It's all pretty intense. Maybe she's kidding?


TheSnuggler said...

She belongs on Coast to Coast Am, but more in the 3 a.m. timeslot. My favorite is that she believes, through Kabbalah, that the Jewish people will never be at peace until they accept that they are from Ethiopia not Europe.

Mi Thoughts said...

I DVR Scrubs...all the time. Do you like that sitcom?