Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deliverance. Enough said.


The other night Husband and I found the movie Deliverance in the $5 dollar bin at the store. I've wanted to see it for years. Yikes. MISTAKE. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT, if you don't want to know what happens, click away.

You know, we often hear the scream of a woman being assaulted on television, so we're desensitized to the sound. But the sound of a grown man being raped by some hillbilly? That was just too much. We didn't even finish watching it, it was just too heavy and we needed something lighter. But man, it was hard. Great, great acting though! I wasn't around when it came out, was there an uproar across the country? I have to imagine so, it was the early 1970's and the content was so deep.

So why am I blogging at 7:30am on a Sunday? Because husband is offshore. He unexpectedly had to leave yesterday. It's bizarre being in the house alone after having him home for so long. But he has it worse than me. :(


Just Being Me said...

I've never seen deliverance. Am scared to now though! Yikes!

Does your honey not usually have to go offshore?

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Well, he hasn't had to go offshore nearly as much since the end of last year, they've been able to do their work remotely from land. But, you know how the oilfield goes, as soon as you get comfy in a routine, it changes lol.