Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crabs, Crafting, and Away We Go

I feel like it's been ages since I've written. I've been unusually busy lately, crafting up a storm and hanging with husband and friends. He is finally off for a few days, so Monday night he took me to Baton Rouge to see Away We Go, since of course it isn't playing here. Forget the fact that this is a city with about 150,000 people. Forget the fact that it's only playing in TWO theaters in the state, a state of 4 million people, but 4 theaters in Maine, which has just over a million people. OH, that's true, Louisiana is in the south, people here are stupid country hicks who can't appreciate something remotely intelligent. I'm so over people's assumptions of people here. I mean, Sunshine Cleaning came here! And not Away We Go? Whatever. It was an excellent movie, great writing, and definitely gave me my John Krasinski fix until the next season of The Office.

Anyway, it was nice getting out of town for just a little bit. Tuesday night we went to Kat and Dustin's house for boiled crabs and crafts!


Even though I've lived here my whole life, this is the first time I've actually eaten regular crabs, not snow crabs. They were excellent, as was the company and the crafting. I think Kat and I have gotten a little obsessed with it. We get together 2-3 times a week. She has introduced me to decoupage, which is completely addicting. Every flat surface I see I wonder what I could put on it. It's strange, the more I craft, the more I realize I'm not actually that creative. Everything I make I've looked up somewhere or gotten the idea from someone else. Nothing ever just comes to me. It can be a little frustrating.

Tonight I'm going to try and stay up late enough to listen to Coast to Coast AM. It's going to be about the Nazi/UFO connection. Should have lots of silly callers!


The Bee said...

Wow, only two theaters in the state?!? That's tragic. I found at least six that are playing it in Maryland it's only a quarter of the siza of Louisiana. By the way, those crabs are naked. Where's the Old Bay?? You've never had blue crabs until you've been here.