Monday, July 6, 2009

Craigslist Rants and Raves, so much fun!

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Rusty says, oh rly now?

So awhile back on my local Rants and Raves section of Craigslist, this guy wrote a really rude rant complaining about Miss Black Teen Louisiana. People seem to get really upset about the Miss Black pageants, but never the miss Miss Asian America or Miss Latina America or the slew of over pageants that are specifically geared to one race. So I emailed him and made this point. Here's my email and his response (I'm Mia, my middle name)

MIA: LOL Just wanted to let you know, not only is there a Miss Black America pageant, but also a Miss Latina American, Miss Asian American, Miss Native American, and the list goes on. Instead of doing just a smidgen of research, you preferred to look like ignorant trash. Good thing you don't have the guts to leave your actual name, you'd shame your entire family! By the way, it's 2009, we don't use words like colored. Go pray to God for a brain and some humanity. You need it.

Here's his response: "I just wanted to say....I think its you who looks like the trash writing this to me. Guess we can see who the racist is here cant we Mia?

Oh and by the way....My Name is not written in here for people like you who have nothing better to do than probably try to steal it and take everything I've "WORKED" for. You're probably one of those people who sit on the front porch on the 1st of the month every year!"

LOL! To use Kat's phrase, I guess I'm just trolling and lolling. It's not my fault though, I didn't start it! Ok, I'm done with race. I write/talk about it all the time, but I can't help it, people just baffle me, especially when their response is so far from reality. Sometimes this blog just writes itself.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

You're brave, arguing with the crazy craigslist people! LOL

The Bee said...

wow - there are still people that use the term "colored" ??!!

Just Being Me said...

Wow! I am at a loss! But, I guess ignorance is everwhere! What an ass!

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Storm, nah, not brave, just bored!

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Bee, yeah, it's pretty scary. People's ignorance still shocks me.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@JustBeingMe, yeah, it's definitely everywhere, just seems like Craigslist has more than it's fair share lol!