Friday, June 12, 2009


Thanks everyone for your input on Mac vs. PC! What I've gathered is that Macs are great for specific things (design, music, etc), but for me, PC still works out better. I have to admit though, if it had a QWERTY keyboard, I would possibly be tempted into buying a new iphone. I'm sure husband is happy to hear that.


So this week has been fairly quiet. I bought a new camera, but haven't had much of chance to use it yet, other than the time this past weekend when we went wandering around the graveyard at the Cathedral, hence the photo above. Monday night we bar b qued and had Kat and Dustin over. Tuesday night we went to my parents house, the first time I had seen them in 2 weeks! They just got home from NY and my sister sent with them bags and bags of maternity clothes for when I get pregnant. Nothing like going through them all, trying to find things that don't have labels like "In Due Time" and "Two Peas in a Pod" to remind me that I am indeed, NOT pregnant. Sigh. It's not my sisters fault, she's being helpful. Well, future helpful. Hopefully.

So, it's Friday, and despite my emoness above, I'm in an excellent mood! What big plans do you have this weekend?