Monday, June 8, 2009


Ok, I'm really not trying to dis those with Mac computers, but after reading about the updates to their computers and the new iphone, I have to wonder, are mac users living in another world? People are over the moon excited about SD slots, something my $300 netbook has. And the ability to take video on the iphone? I've had this capability on my Samsung Blackjack II for over a year, and I know there are other phones with it as well. Is there something I'm missing? I don't know much about Apple other than my ipod, which I have to admit, gives me very few problems. I haven't had any extreme issues with my other gadgets though (computer, phone, etc), so I'm not getting what the big deal is. Their products are so incredibly expensive, and don't seem to be moving with the times in a quick fashion. So what's the deal? Inform me so that I don't sound like a huge b*itch.


S.B. said...

I totally agree with you...i have no idea what all the hype is over in Mac-world. I surely don't understand it at all. Apparently we both need to be a little more informed...

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@ SB, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't get it lol. Thanks for the comment!

Lidian said...

I don't understand any of it, either! :)

Tellie said...

I have always wanted a mac but never knew they didn't have SD slots yet. I do know macs are more stable and less likely to get viruses though.

Also there is certain software that run better on Macs. An example of this would be Sibelius. Which is a program for major musical composers. (if your not a musician you probably wouldn't understand how revolutionary the sibelius program really is).

Zoe from Chic and Sassy said...

I agree that mac are expensive for what they offer. I am a mac user simply because I find they are less of a pain in the ass... I absolutely hate Vista at work its such a pain... as for the sd slot that would be a new things to macs but honestly I don't get the big hype I bought a little usb thingy that plugs in to the computer and as an sd slot on the other side 5$ big deal!!!!
But mainly the few good points to macs are as follows: 1. easier to use and understand (I bought my 55 year old mother a mac ... she always been afraid of computers and now she's surfing the web, blogging and what not.
2. music, graphic software is better made for macs although not 3D
3. my mac has never died, blue screened or needed repair in 4 years unlike my pc's at work that needs a tech every few months

Mr. New Dilemma said...

I too own to macs, a regular one and a macbook pro.

1)Super quick start ups.

2)Never had a virus or a trojan

3)Music Composer I am - Logic Pro, one of the best music programs in the industry.

4)Firewire 400 and 800 - Faster than USB at data transfer

5)Aesthetically beautiful, desktops and laptops look good and are built strong!

Should I go on is that enough. For every person there is a computer. I would by 20 macs before returning to windows, that should tell you something about them right there.

I wish you could test one for a few days, you'd know what we mean.

C K said...

I don't know about Mac but I absolutely love my iPhone. It's irrational, I know but just yesterday, I was watching BBC iPlayer (an online archive BBC programs)on my netbook. It took me quite some time to set it up. But there was not much fuss.

Afterwards, I was surfing using my iPhone using an Apps (iPhone application) that shows all BBC programs. Not only I can view all tv schedule with a touch on the screen, I was able to watch the iPlayer on my phone as well. The streaming was perfect to boot.

Got bored after awhile, switched to YouTube (yes, on my iPhone) and caught some of the more popular clips. Played a strategy game that I got from the iTunes for 59p and that entertained me for quite awhile.

Night was still young, went on to read Guardian Online (on the phone of course), caught some headlines on Straits Times (Singapore local news), checked the weather for tomorrow (using another Apps). Edited some photos that I took earlier... decided to give my folks back home a call using Skype that I have installed on my phone.

Now, that's the reason why I am excited about having video capabilities on my iPhone. With that (and internet connection/3G), I could basically do anything. Well, almost everything.

I don't mind having a laser emitting device built into the device as well. :)


Sourav said...

I don't know about mac, but the iPhone has created the hype because of two main reasond -
i)It's screen and
ii)the App store
Other features are worse than any other ordinary phone.