Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iran, so far away...

Iran Election
"Every Iranian is a single campaign headquarter."

So if you've been living in the world for the last week, you know that Iran had an "election" (and I use that term loosely) for Prime Minister last Friday. Supposedly Ahmadinejad won another term, with 62% of the vote, even though every poll before hand showed a razor thin difference between he and Mousavi, with many showing Mousavi with the lead. 62% is a fracking landslide, and I just cannot believe those results are accurate, taking into account everything beforehand. Obviously, many in Iran feel the same way, since the protesting hasn't stopped and doesn't seem as though it will anytime soon. I'm so proud of the people in that country. They are taking to the streets despite their government telling them to do otherwise. They are taking photos and videos for the rest of the world to see, at their own risk, since foreign news sources are now not allowed to report on the protests. Screw ireports about random bumper stickers here in the US (cough, I posted a picture of mine on ireport, cough), here are people in the midst of real drama, and taking it into their own hands. I get goosebumps when I see people fighting for their rights. I'm just terribly afraid that it will amount to nothing.


katsterisk said...

I don't know, Khomeini seems to have realized that he might have fucked up by announcing the "results" so soon- he's encouraging Moussavi to challenge the vote through legal recourse- though I'm not sure QUITE what that is.

askcherlock said...

This entire ordeal is historic in its proportions. I am watching intently every day to see how it plays out. This revolution is quite different from the "90's and something is bound to change. I pray there is no more bloodshed, but it does look like a revolution and sometimes blood is shed for good causes.