Thursday, May 21, 2009

sperm 01

So, my sister and my bro in law in NY are having a baby soon and my mom is leaving tomorrow to go see them. I kind of hate it when people in my family have children, not because I'm not thrilled for them, I really am, because AGAIN comes the "Heather, when are ya'll going to have kids?" questions. As if my sex life/ovulation cycles are anyone's business. HELLO, MY HUSBAND WORKS ON A RIG IN THE GULF OF MEXICO, AND THE TYPICAL WOMAN OVULATES FOR TWO DAYS OF THE MONTH. It's not easy. But people ask anyway. The only other thing that gets to me are people who have kids, and then that's all they can talk about, even though they MUST know that you couldn't care less about their breast feeding cycle. My sister is really good about that, she has definitely has her own life and her own interests. She still reads and listens to music and sees friends, and is super involved in her kids' lives. I don't know how she does it, but she does it well. We don't always get alone, but I do admire her as a parent.

I really do want kids. But I can't stress myself out about it. I can't feel like I'm on someone else's schedule. But JEEZ, I have friends from highschool who have 3rd graders now. I remember third grade like it was yesterday. I guess I just feel a little defective today.

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ohjoyfully said...

Those sperm look so shiny and fancy haha

It's definitely an adjustment to be at someone else's mercy but it's also loads of fun and gives you an excuse to be a kid again yourself!

ohjoyfully said...

ahahah oh wait wait wait I fail at comprehension. I thought you meant on the kids' schedule and then I realized you meant HAVING kids on someone else's schedule. duhh. hell yeah, do it on YOUR terms. people will always be excited for you to have kids and bug you about it, but at the end of the day, it's your life and your priorities that matter most.