Monday, May 11, 2009

mothersday09 020

How hot does this guy think he is? Totally hot.

So this past weekend we took a quick trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama (the photo above is one of many taken from the comfort of my beach chair). I so love the beach, but unfortunately I'm a moron who refused to put on enough sunscreen and am now paying for it. My back is burned to a crisp, and just sitting here in this office chair is killing me. But it was so lovely to get out of town for a little bit and see something different, though I've been going there for like, 20 years, so not so different, but so great. Husband is burned as well, though he seems to be handling it well. Better than me I guess. I'm hoping that it will turn into a tan instead of peeling, but I realize that's unlikely. I really got screwed over you know. I have a parent who is black and a parent who is white (who just celebrated their 40 year wedding anniversary yesterday!), yet I burn like a Scandinavian milk maid. My sister doesn't, of course. I remember when I was a kid and she and her friends would "lay out" in the backyard, and I wanted to be like the big girls so bad. Instead I walk outside to get the mail and come in looking like a crawfish. Oh, I know I should stop complaining, I just had a great weekend at the beach with people I love. Ok, I'm over the sunburn. How was your weekend?


f8hasit said...

The photo made me laugh! I just got back from the Dominican Republic and almost EVERYONE down there was wearing a bikini or if a man; a speedo. Never mind that most of the flesh should have been covered up...but hey, they were bronzing. I'm not sure if I should commend them all on their body confidence or just averted my eyes.

There was this one guy who was jogging that was interesting to watch...

Thanks for the post!