Monday, April 20, 2009

So this morning Husband is going out to his truck to go to work, and notices an old Pentax camera, similar to this one, on the drivers side seat.

The glove box was also open, but nothing taken (nothing inside other than auto papers and a $15 Starbucks gift card). The truck is brand new, so the only other thing inside was this large case full of emergency stuff and an umbrella. I assume he forgot to lock it because there is no indication of forced entry, but it's all so weird. This morning was trash pickup, if someone was ditching it, why not throw it in the trash? If they were going to come back for it later, why not hide it somewhere, not in someones truck that they will drive to work in the morning? We called the cops and he did his thing. I watch a LOT of Unsolved Mysteries, so I'm really freaked out. Of course, first I assumed that someone killed my parents, took pictures, then put the camera in his truck. But everyone is accounted for this morning. So strange.


Just Being Me said...

Was there any film inside?