Sunday, April 5, 2009


So Easter is soon upon us, and I swear, this is the time of year where Catholicism confuses me the most. First of all, the obvious, Good Friday. The fact that we refer to the Friday where Christ was crucified as "good" just drives me bananas. I get it, Jesus died for our sins, so it's good for us. GOOD FOR US?! The guy died! I'm not a huge fan of the "died for our sins" bit in the first place, because it just seems incredibly selfish on our part. It's sad that the symbol of Christianity is a man dying on a cross, doing us a favor. I guess it's human nature, we're always looking to see what we can gain from any situation. Maybe that's harsh. But the whole "he died for our sins, so we better be good" just seems like a warning from a parent. Most of us are adults, shouldn't we be good because it's the right thing to do? Why does there have to be fear of punishment for us to behave our selves? It usually doesn't even work. Look at the death penalty, has that deterred murder? No. This easter I'm going to celebrate by thanking Jesus for being a cool guy who loved everyone, even the sluts and thieves. I'll celebrate by helping someone else, not looking for my own reward.

As I reread this, I realize how "above it all" I sound, and that's not my intention at all. UGH, I just don't get the mysticism of it all. I wonder if that's a blessing or a curse. Or a little of both.


chris said...

i thought the meaning of easter was to hide coloured eggs and then wonder what that smell is when the one the kids didn't find starts to rot behind your television?

and we can't be considered selfish for his death, it's what he was here to do. god was sacrificing his son for us much like he had asked someone else earlier in the bible to do (though i'm fairly certain he didn't make the guy go through with it. he was happy that the guy was willing to). and it's not like he wasn't going right to heaven.

he'd been in heaven for all eternity and got to come down and chill for 33 years. so really it's like we did him a favour, gotta figure everlasting joy gets kinda boring after a while, right? he was probably willing to deal with the pain to break the monotony.

besides, if he hadn't, mel gibsom wouldn't have been able to make the most violent film ever.

you're right though, we are adults and should be good for the sake of being good. you remind me of the sports night episode in which nathalie is upset because the catholic church decided hell doesn't exist. jeremy reminds her she wasn't good because she was scared of going to hell, but because she's a good person.

the mysticism, in the end, is faith. it's what you want to believe, because in this day and age where we can go online and find evidence to disprove anything and everything you need faith to believe in an invisible man in the sky who sees and knows everything (but generally does nothing despite the ability to) who magically impregnated a virgin to send his son to die for use only to have him rise again and then go back up a couple of weeks later.

if you've got faith it's easy to believe the whole story. if you don't, does it matter if it's true?

Kelly said...

I was raised catholic and a lot of the rituals are strange to me...that's part of why I've moved away from any religion. Spirituality works far better for me than any religion ever did.