Friday, April 3, 2009

Last night my parents took us out for boiled crawfish. It seems like more than just a coincidence that lent is always smack in the middle of crawfish season, and that Louisiana is a predominately Catholic state. Crawfish is amazing, unless you think too hard about it. In reality, they are little crustaceans that swim around in the mud. We boil them, rip off their tails, peel off the shell, and dip them in sauce composed of ketchup, mayo, and hot sauce. Writing it down makes me realize just how disgusting it sounds, but it is seriously amazing.

What is your favorite food that may completely gross someone out?


Just Being Me said...

One of my favorite things is Kelaguen. It's steak, sliced thin, put in a bowl with lemon juice aqnd soy sauce, onions and jalapenos. The juice cures the meat. It appears to be raw, and the texture is as such, but it tastes SO good! It is a Guamanian dish from what I hear!