Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last night Ian and I were sitting in my office, listening to 90's music while going through my "Senior Book", and I realized that on nearly every page I alluded to having a future in writing. For the last few months I've, with much procrastination, begun writing a novel based on my parents love story. But today, I've decided it will definitely be finished by summer, at least my first draft. Writing is one of few things that I really, really love, and their story is too amazing to not put down on paper, even if just for my future children and my nieces and soon to be born nephew. Did I forget to mention that? My sister is having a boy, after having two girls. We are all over the moon about it! I embroidered these onesies for him while in Houston in January.

2-22-09 007

Jeez, computer is about to be out of battery, more later. Probably political.


ohjoyfully said...

I love these, so cute! :D