Saturday, January 24, 2009

You know what makes me crazy? People who complain about other people comments on their life, when they put their life on the internet. I'm talking specifically about Facebook. If you change your relationship status to "in a relationship with ____" less than a week after breaking up with someone you claimed to be in love with, people will comment on it. You don't think it's their business? Well you just made it their business by posting it online! All you bloggers (and anyone else) know that the reason we post anything is so that people will comment. That's what the internet has been from day one. I'm not passive aggresive, I've told people exactly what I think when they complain about this. It just makes me nuts.

So the Pope has a youtube channel. He said that the internet is a gift to humanity. Did he just get online? Was his cable internet set up yesterday? I'm not a huge fan of this pope, but I do dig that he, AGAIN, told W that the war in Iraq was wrong and not just. Yet W continued the war, even though when asked by some reporter what he saw when he looked into the Pope's eyes, he said the eyes of God. So you told the eyes of God that you think the war is a good idea? Yikes. Why do I always go back to politics?


Please click that picture and enlarge it. You will fall out your chair laughing. Don't worry, it just goes to my flickr.


Cajunchic said...

I agree. If you put it out there expect to live your life in front of people. I have had people stop me in the drug store because they recognized me from my blog picture. Everyone will judge you on what you do and say including on the internet.

I am not catholic but I do like this pope for his stand on the war. other than that I dont know much about him.

everchangingashley said...

:) Im just counting my blessing that i don't have to deal with a child anymore.

unfinishedrambler said...

Those photos are too funny...and what you say about GW. Amen. Even though The Wife and I are both Catholic, we're no fan of this pope either.