Monday, January 5, 2009

Yesterday there was a helicopter crash a few hours south of here, 8 people were killed. It was a helicopter bringing guys out to a rig. These are the news stories that keep me up at night. I hate that there is no other way around it, that's the way these guys have to get out there. On December 11th (the day with all the snow and ice) there was another crash. Yesterday the weather was poor as well. They aren't giving a cause right now, but what is most likely? Sunday afternoon is not a typical flying day, so I want to know who was demanding that these guys get out to the rig on a Sunday afternoon when the weather is crap. They should be held responsible. You can't just yap about safety, then not actually practice it.

I know logically that flying is safe, and that car accidents happen much more often. But I can't help but cry for the people who lost someone yesterday, who probably told themselves the same thing.