Monday, January 12, 2009

I realized I haven't written much about what this blog is supposed to be about, my life as an oilfield wife. That's because he has been home, which is so lovely. Also, I'm a little apprehensive of writing about what he does, because this IS the internet and my hits are becoming more and more everyday. His job involves sensitive information. With the reduction in gas prices and oil prices, you are probably wondering if I'm worried about his job. Yes and no I suppose. He is quite confident that all is fine, as his company has not laid anyone off and he is cross trained in different specialties.

Do I feel guilty that I'm one of a small group of Americans who look forward to gas prices going up? Sort of. I live very green, more than some for sure. But I know that our lively hood depends on it, to a degree. It's a strange position to be in, to be liberal and an oilfield wife. But it is what it is.

I wonder how many hate comments I get?


Jane Doe said...

Being liberal and an oilfield wife~That must be weird. Hopefully you won't get any hate comments, though that does seem to happen a lot these days. You can't help that your livelihood depends on the oil prices. Like you said, it is what it is.

All the best,


Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Thanks Jane for the kind comment. It's definitely a weird situation I'm in, if the other oilfield wives knew I voted Obama, my house would probably be egged lol.

lira said...


I'm in Ascension Parish. Have no idea how far is Lafayette from here but I'll look for it.