Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ever have one of those days where everything in the world annoys you? Even people you love? Of course you do. Today this is my list of things I hate. You may be insulted, just a warning.

1.Moleskine Journals. They just scream pretentious to me. Probably because most of the people I know who have one ARE pretentious. Just get a friggin $.79 notebook.

2.Cop shows or anything resembling CSI or Law or Order. Sorry to the majority of Americans.

3.Girls who don't dress for the weather. It never fails, we'll go out downtown, it's 40 degrees, and there are girls with open toe shoes and strapless dresses and no jacket. No matter what, you cannot change the weather. And no matter what, I will laugh at you.

4.People who tell me I haven't had the right kind when I say I don't like sushi. I DONT LIKE IT. I hate the consistency of the food. I'm not big on Asian food at all really. So stop trying to force your spicy tuna roll down my throat like you are first person who concocted it.

5.Cherries. I don't know why really. I like the big, darker ones ("That's what she said"), but not those really red ones in bars.

6.People who complain about money all the time, then make ridiculous purchases. I guess that stems from old days of being broke. I'm a total cheap skate most of the time.

7.The drama involved in flying. I love being on a plane and I love airports, but I hate all the delays and nonsense. Though after the 2 day drive in November to NY with my parents, flying looks a lot better.

8.Waiters who come to the table too often.

9.Myspace. I used to really dig it, but it's too cheesy now. I'm all about the facebook.

This list makes me feel like a huge bitch. Oh well.


PassionateGreen said...

I thought I was the only one who hated all of those stupid CSI shows! We should start a club ... What is the opposite of a fan club anyway?

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Passionate Green,

Seriously, a club must be started. Non fan club? Hate club? That sounds a little harsh though lol. UGH, I left the TV on yesterday while doing something on the other side of the house and when I came back in the living room, CSI NY was on and they were cutting someone's tongue out. WTF??