Friday, January 30, 2009

6 kids...then 8 more?!

So as I'm sure you've heard, a woman in California recently gave birth to octuplets. Yes, OCT, as in OCTOPUS. Look, I'm all for people having all the kids they want, as long as they aren't continuing to purposefully have kids while living off of the system (though I'm a firm believer that "the system" should exist). That's not proactive. So here is a woman, who lives with her parents (according to all news sources I've read today), who has 6 children. Why on earth is that not enough? Why go and get fertility treatments? I'm certainly not advocating that there be some sort of test or limit to how many children someone can have, but I guess I just don't understand what kind of doctor would go along with this, KNOWING she has 6 kids already. I really don't want to judge, especially not knowing all of the facts, but come on.

This brings up two television shows that I watch sometimes, 17 and Counting (the Duggars) and Jon and Kate Plus 8. The Duggars, while intensely Christian and conservative, are a family I really kind of dig. They have 18 kids (as of last month), all conceived naturally. They have NO debt. They live simply. While I know I disagree with them on so much (interpretation of the Bible, homosexuality, women's role in the church, etc), I can't help but really like them. They smile and laugh and have fun. They have a cousin who hangs out there a lot, Amy. She wears pants and doesn't prescribe to their religion, but you can tell the kids just love her. I was a little disturbed by the fact that the oldest son (who is 20) could not kiss his wife until their wedding day. The parents are really into hating any kind of lust, which I can understand, but when you don't tell your son about the absolute basics of sex until the wedding day, you're holding him back from reality. But whatever, I still like them lol.

Jon and Kate. Ugh. I've watched these guys from the start, but less so in recent months, as the show has stopped being about a middle class family trying to make it with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets, and more about a nouveau riche (thanks to TLC and suckers everywhere) family trying to see how many vacation's they can bilk out of TLC. Now they've got a $1.3 million dollar house, so I'm not sure what the schtick of their show will pose as now. These are the same people who not only charge for speaking engagements at churches, but also require that a "love offering plate" be passed around, for tips I guess. How shameful. Jon is a guy who just bends to his wife's every whim, and Kate is a maniacal woman who seems absolutely miserable in her life. On the recent episode in which they all went to see the new house, she spent 4 hours cleaning a fridge that she claims was full of mold (I didn't see a thing). She went on and on about how horrible the fridge was and how absolutely filthy the house was. This home was owned by a DOCTOR before them. Everytime I watch an episode of this show, I feel uneasy for the rest of the evening. They just seem angry and sad and greedy, and I can't help but feel like these kids are exploited for money. They've been on TV their entire lives. Sad.

So, there's what I think. Enjoy your weekend, I can't wait to get back HOME!


Cajunchic said...

Ok I think you read my mind while I was sleeping and then typed it out. I agree totally with you. I have some good friends who have 7 children. They have no debt to the point that he recently was laid off with the Daily Advertiser yet they can still survive from his side painting job and a ton of money they have saved up. They use no government assistance at all. I totally respect them and think they are such a wonderful family. Their son is one of the few kids who is always welcome at our house because is so polite and well behaved.

Now I know another girl (cant name names on a public board) but she is just a joke for a mother and has three children who she barely takes care of as it is. She is on every kind of assistance possible and now she wants to have another child. If you cant take care of or afford the ones you have then take precautions to make sure you don't have anymore.

you know I would love more children but I know we would not be able to afford more without help so I had my tubes tied to assure it would not happen. As it is now that I had to quit working because Tori kept getting kicked out of daycare due to her meltdowns we are having to use government funded therapy for Tori and I hate that.

AS far as J & K plus 8, I watch them because it is like seeing a train wreck happen. you see these kids just falling apart and you want to reach in and hug them. The poor older twins are acting out because they don't get any attention and frankly their mother is just horrible. She is mean to her husband and she wont let the kids be kids. OOh don't use a marker because it may get on your shirt or don't ever ever have anything that might remotely be bad for you. Seriously buy a new shirt and let them have a treat as an occasional thing.

Ok now that I wrote you a book I will back off. lol

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@ Cajunchinc, first of all, do not feel bad that you use government funded therapy. That's what ya'll, and us, and everyone else pay taxes for, so that people get the help they need. Every person has asked for help in some way from the gov., and in this economy, even people who thought they never would.

Jon and Kate are definitely a train wreck, and after Monday's episode, I think I've had all I can handle. I've just never seen a woman so unhappy about having a new house. Perhaps it's guilt? Who knows. In case you missed it, it's all on youtube, in two parts. Probably on as well. Be prepared to be angry LOL.

Cajunchic said...

Can you give me the link on youtube? I could not find it but would like to watch it.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said... is the first part. is the second part.

Cajunchic said...

Oh wow! She has taken it to a whole new level. Why do they need that big house! It is just frivolous spending in my opinion especially in this economy right now. My friend that has 7 kids lives in a four bedroom house very comfortably. However she is very calm and peaceful and can deal with the kids noises without freaking out like Kate.

Do you know where the Duggar's show can be seen online? We dont have TLC and I have never seen it. The TLC website did not have any full episodes.

Ok I promise not to take over your comment section anymore. Sorry. lol

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Yeah, I suspect that they had nothing to do with paying for that new house, that TLC foot that bill, since their house is actually their "studio", and can be written off as business expenses. It's really sick.

At that link there are some clips of the show, not sure if there are full episodes though. If I find anything else, I'll let you know :)

Angelika said...

I love both of those shows!

Especially because they aren't living off the system.

I don't subscribe to their religious beliefs (The Duggars), but they're doing what needs to be done if they are willing to have children until Michelle goes through menopause, LOL.

ohjoyfully said...

I used to watch J&K + 8 but stopped because it just wasn't interesting anymore. Every episode was just more of Kate's rudeness and whining.

Jen said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Jon and Kate. I watched the show quite a bit when it first aired and then missed it for awhile. When I watched a new episode recently it was shocking. I couldn't believe how short they were with each other, especially Kate.

As for the woman who had octuplets. I read somewhere that she got pregnant through in vitro fertilization, which costs in the neighbourhood of $10 000 per treatment. Where did she get that kind of money? It's really sickening that something like this can take place when there are thousands of couples out there who have tried everything to have a baby and are unable to. This women clearly has mental problems and there's no way she'll be able to provide a good life for them. It's very sad and very disturbing.