Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So I just read an article on about 30g Microsoft Zune mp3 players all over the world ceasing to operate, due to some mystery glitch. So just for curiosity's sake, I headed over to the message boards to see what people are saying. Here is a quote from a user, directed to Bill Gates. Just so that we are clear, I DID NOT WRITE THIS. I have an ipod.

"I wish i could slit his throat and insert something inside of it and watch him suffer my zune is completely done for i just bought one for my girlfriend for christmas and as a matter of fact recieved one from my brother both of which are not under warranty because they were purchased off craigslist and now im sitting here with a paperweight that chances are microsoft wont fix because they know they can get away with it ive got microsoft windows, microsoft zune, microsoft xbox, etc etc and this is what i get in return the reason i bought this piece of s**t is because i didnt want to settle on an ipod because they suck. But at least they dont all die on the same date."

YIKES. WTF is wrong with people? You are seriously this upset because your mp3 player doesn't work? Do you really think Mirosoft isn't going to try and fix this problem whatever way they can? If it were a few people, maybe not, but it's happening to everyone with a 30g model. Life is short man, go read a book.


Petula said...

"Life is short man, go read a book." I love that. LOL!

just a girl... said...

i just found your blog and I am glad I did. You freaking crack me up.

Thats what they get for not going ipod, lol