Sunday, November 30, 2008

So our vacation is coming to an end. Was it a success? I don't know. It was excellent seeing my nieces, but being without Husband was tough. Especially since that fact so perfectly helped my family revert back to old family models, like the one where I'm a single teenager who must be treated as such. Before coming here, I specifically asked my sister and mother to NOT do this. Instead they did the exact opposite. My dad and brother in law were great, and without one another, my sister and mom can be as well. I hang out with my mom all the time at home. And my sister and I talk on the phone 4 times a week. But in person, things are never the same. It sucks. But I guess it never changes. It doesn't matter that I'm only a few years from 30, I'm still a 14 year old in their eyes.

It doesn't help that Husaband was supposed to go offshore soon after I left, and instead he's leaving the day I get home. This time of year is so incredibly important, and I hate knowing I won't have him home for all of it. That's another thing, my sister just does not get how difficult it is for me. I'm not saying that I'm an Army wife or anything, but it's still hard. I mean, she does get it on the phone, but not in person. It makes no sense. I was telling her that I thought it was great that she wrote down the order in which to put the branches on her Christmas tree. I said I wish I had thought to do that, but this year when I took the tree down, it was New Years Eve and Husband wasn't home (also the day after our anniversary), and I was just too sad to put much thought into it. She proceeds to say that I like to revel in misery. What? Who says that? She's pregnant, so maybe it's hormones. Even I don't believe that excuse though. Sigh. But I have to admit, it has been incredible spending time with my nieces. I love them so much, and they are growing up without me in their life in any real way.

I'm quite ready to get home though. I miss my house and my cats and my friends, not to mention Husband. Wish us luck on a safe trip...