Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm having election withdrawal. For the last 2 years, nearly every conversation I've had with anyone involved at least a little political talk. There isn't much to say about policy when there isn't an election going on, it's much more fun to talk about what someone you support will do right and what the other guy will do wrong, not what's going on currently. I have lots to do right now, writing and winter clothes sorting and organizing my home in general. I've got friends I need to see and letters to write and Christmas card address lists to get started on. And TV shows! All I've watched other than news has been The Office. But I can't get my fingers to stop hitting the channel for MSNBC or Headline News. Husband seems to be separating himself well from the news, even if he's watching DVDs of The West Wing.

This weekend I think we'll put up the Christmas tree, in case he's gone until I return from a trip to western NY to visit my sister and her family later this month. Yes, I realize it's very early, but we have to put it up together, and refuse to wait until December. I'm excited to go up north, see other things. My parents are driving and I'm riding with them. I haven't taken this drive with them in years, so being in a car with them for 2 days should prove to be interesting. Though I try to hide it, I'm incredibly sad that Husband won't be coming. We thought it might be a possibility, but with his schedule and the recent delays on the rig, it's very unlikely. I hear so many women who want vacations from their husbands, and I can't think of anything I want less. At least he has job security though, I can't want for more than that I suppose.


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